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Thousands of tourists visit your city every day. At least once a day they are looking for a good restaurant where they can enjoy a delicious meal in a comfortable atmosphere. So why not yours? This proves that you have thousands of reasons to collaborate with Gusto.

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The application Gusto

Multilingual menu

No matter in what language your menu is.In our application it will be displayed in various languages


Thanks to geolocation, the tourist will be able to view the restaurants which are close to his location

Photo and Video

Our professional photographers will make photos and videos of your restaurant and of all the dishes in your menu.


Automatic work

After what our specialists will optimize your restaurant in the application, with all the dishes and categories, there will be no need to change something manually. Everything will work automatic.

Automatic service

The ordering process is fully automatic. While being in your restaurant, the guest will be able to order through his phone. The waiter will only have to serve him.

Alternative Time

If the customer wants to book a table at a certain hour, but there are no places available, you can send a notification and suggest him another time.

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